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HTTP/2 Protocol available
Posted by Bill Williams on 21 February 2017 11:46 AM
We at are pleased to announce the immediate availability of HTTP/2 http2 protocol for your website with our Linux hosting and Semi-dedicated packages.

Major Improvements In HTTP/2

  • Single Connection. Only one connection to the server is used to load a website, and that connection remains open as long as the website is open. This reduces the number of round trips needed to set up multiple TCP connections.

  • Multiplexing. Multiple requests are allowed at the same time, on the same connection. Previously, with HTTP/1.1, each transfer would have to wait for other transfers to complete.

  • Server Push. Additional resources can be sent to a client for future use.

  • Prioritization. Requests are assigned dependency levels that the server can use to deliver higher priority resources faster.

  • Binary. Makes HTTP/2 easier for a server to parse, more compact and less error-prone. No additional time is wasted translating information from text to binary, which is the computer’s native language.

  • Header Compression. HTTP/2 uses HPACK compressions, which reduces overhead. Many headers were sent with the same values in every request in HTTP/1.1.


While HTTP/2 supports both secure and non-secure connections, both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will only support HTTP/2 over HTTPS. Unfortunately, this means that many sites that want to take advantage of HTTP/2 will need to be served over HTTPS.

Steps to enable http2 protocol

  1. Install Free SSL certificate on your website (maybe it's already been done by us) 

  2. Call all your website urls over https connection 

If you have any questions just contact Customer Service at 

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Enable Two-factor Authentication
Posted by Bill Williams on 28 October 2016 09:04 PM

Recent security developments have made it necessary for us to introduce a 2nd level of security (Two-Factor Authentication) on Customer Portal. This will ensure that even if your Registered email address and CustomerPortal password are compromised, your account will remain secure. To enable time based two-factor authentication,

please visit 
Customer Portal >> My Details >> Security Settings


Visit URL:

Here you will be presented with an option to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Please complete the process and enable it.

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