Change ownership of domain or web hosting to 3rd party (client, new owner)
Posted by Bill Williams on 13 April 2013 03:15 AM

Question: I have a domain and server in my name that I want to handover to client such that they can directly manage, renew them. How do I do that?


This will be a 3-step process. 

Step 1: Please ask your client to goto and complete/submit the form. This will create an account for your client in our CustomerPortal.

Step 2: Please make a ticket with Customer Service dept. and inform us the email address used to create account in Step 1 and request validation. We will then check the account and create a $5 invoice which has to be paid by your client, to enable CC / PayPal validation.

Step 3: Then please inform us the domains and hosting-services you would like to give away to this account. Please ensure there are no outstanding dues in them at the time of making request.

We will then move the services over to the client's account who can thereafter manage all features related to them including renewals. We will always be available via helpdesk to get assist if required.

Notes: Upon completion of above process you will lose all rights, access and claims to the said product /service and any future access will have to be permitted by the 3rd party in question (client / new-owner).

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