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Google to mark non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”
Posted by Sabi D. on 20 July 2018 12:28 AM
Attention all website owners and operators! If you have missed Google’s February notification, it is still not too late. From 23 July 2018 onwards, with the release of Google Chrome 68, it will be tagging all non-HTTPS sites as insecure.

Since Google Chrome has the world’s largest browser market share, this change can potentially affect the traffic and ranking of all non-HTTPS websites.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, then we highly recommend you to get one before Google flags your website. Whether you have to secure a single domain or multiple domains, can cater to all your needs.

Ordering an SSL certificate is a very simple process now with, just visit and order a suitable certificate or make a ticket with Customer Service // Consult department with the list of the domains on which you wish to enable HTTPS connections.

We do offer FREE LetsEncrypt SSL certificate with select plans/server which are valid for 3 months to enable you to test your website under HTTPS.
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Spectre & Meltdown mitigation
Posted by Bill Williams on 08 January 2018 08:26 AM
Dear Customer,

We wish to inform you that over the weekend we have implemented patches for Intel CPU Meltdown and Spectre venerabilities across the network. We are keeping stringent watch for additional hardware and BIOS solutions. As they become available we will be implementing them as well.

We assure you our systems are secured with the latest available security solutions known, available as on date. However, any vulnerabilities in your client devices need to be addressed by users individually.

Bill Willaims

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Christmas Sale | 30% off On All Web hosting orders
Posted by Bill Williams on 23 December 2017 03:05 AM
Here are the last few days to avail the special Christmas offers on all web hosting services. Get flat 30% off on new Web Hosting orders!

30% Christmas Discount on Web hosting orders!!!

Use coupon code: XMAS30 Offer valid until January 02, 2018.

Grab the offer before it's gone.

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Easy social sign-in for Customer portal
Posted by Sabi D. on 07 October 2017 10:59 AM

We are pleased to announce the availability of easy social login to our Customer Portal using your Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials. Now there is one less password to remember!

Easy login to Customer Portal with Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials

  1. We do not retain your Google, Facebook, Twitter credentials.
  2. If you enable social login do we DONOT track your social details, profile.
  3. All service provided is governed by our Strict Privacy Policy
  4. If you use social login, you can still login using your initial CustomerPortal credentials
  5. Yes this is applicable to existing users as well as new users
  6. Yes this is optional
  7. You can disconnect Social login if needed in future if you don't like this feature.
  8. Existing users - to start using Social login, Sign-in to Customerportal and then goto Details >> Security Settings >> Linked Accounts and link your existing login with a social login.
  9. If you need any assistance or face an issue just get in touch with us.

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Apple Push Mail now available on our Linux servers
Posted by Bill Williams on 15 April 2017 06:02 PM

Apple Push Notifications for Mail

We are pleased to announce the availability of Apple Push Notifications for Mail on all our Linux servers. 
To enable this on your Mac or iPhone you need to enable 'Push' instead of 'Fetch' as the method of getting emails on your device. This settings can be found in Email Account Settings.

In some cases you may need to remove and then re-add your email account to your OSX or iOS device. If you need any help setting up Push Email please contact us.

Fast Email Searching
(IMAP Full Text Search)

We have enabled Full-Text Search Indexing (powered by Solr) for IMAP mailboxes. Users of iOS devices, Microsoft® Outlook™, SquirrelMail, Horde, Roundcube, and Mozilla™ Thunderbird will notice significantly improved search speed and convenience.

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