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ASP.NET - security exception errors

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On certain occassions, your aspx files may not work. You may receive permission denied errors or security exception errors. The servers follow the same setup for ASP.NET found at
Our ASP.NET trust level is set to MEDIUM in MACHINE.CONFIG as outlined in the document. Below is the restrictions of Medium.
If you are experiencing this, please submit a support ticket as we need to make exceptions and isolations to your website.
Trust LevelMain Restrictions
FullUnrestricted permissions. Applications can access any resource that is subject to operating system security. All privileged operations are supported.
HighNot able to call unmanaged code
Not able to call serviced components
Not able to write to the event log
Not able to access Microsoft Message Queuing queues
Not able to access OLE DB data sources
MediumIn addition to the above, file access is restricted to the current application directory and registry access is not permitted.
LowIn addition to the above, the application is not able to connect to SQL Server and code cannot call CodeAccessPermission.Assert (no assertion security permission).
MinimalOnly the execute permission is available.

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