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Paid domain name renewal invoice but domain has not been renewed

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Domain name renewal invoices are generated 21-days before the expiry of a domain name, if the auto-renew option is selected in Customer portal. If there are funds available in your account in customerportal, the invoice is paid instantaneously and renewal is processed. If funds are not available to pay the invoice and the domain renewal invoice is paid after Renewal Grace Period#, the renewal attempt has failed with the following error

Order is pending Restoration

If a domain name is not Renewed within the Renewal Grace Period, it would be queued for deletion at the end of the Renewal Grace Period and subsequently Deleted. Once a domain name is deleted, it would generally slip into the Redemption Grace Period#2. If the domain name is not Redeemed during this period, then it would move to the Pending Delete#3 period for 5 days. In this status, the domain name can not be Redeemed and after this period, the domain name is removed from all records and would be available for fresh Registration on first come first served basis.

To Restore any Domain Name in Redemption Grace Period (Pending Delete Restorable Status), you need to pay Redemption Fee between USD 75 to 180 depending on the domain name extension. This option is available only during Renewal Grace Period. Thereafter the domain is removed irrevocably.

If you would like to Restore any Domain Name in Redemption Grace Period please make a ticket or email us at [email protected] . We will provide you the exact cost, options and time available to exercise the option specific to the domain name.

# Whenever a particular domain name is not Renewed till the Expiry Date, it would slip into the Renewal Grace Period. All such domain names would be put on a temporary commercial Parking Page, which would indicate that the domain name has expired. During this period, any website and mails associated with the domain name would stop working.

#2 Redemption Grace Period details are available at

#3 Domain Period overview

Period Name Status Options Cost
Registered Active Can be renewed Normal Renewal cost
Expired (within Renewal Grace Period) Disabled Can be renewed Normal Renewal cost
Expired (within Redemption Grace Period) Disabled Can be renewed Redemption Fee
Pending Delete (pending removal) Disabled - -

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